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1337 coding school, Khouribga

IT Architect • 2021 — present

Learning fundamentals of computer Science, by Building projects from scratch and concentrate in Low level, and Algorithms & Data structures.

FSTG, Marrakech

Associate‚Äôs degree • 2018 — 2020

Learned fundamentals Mostly math Also an introduction to programming and data structures and algorithms.

Zerktouni, Marrakech

High School diploma • 2017 — 2018

Learned basic math mostly, especially Linear algebra, calculus & statistics.

Personal Projects

PONG_GAME Is a single page web app where you can play pong game with other users, along with a bunch of features like 2FA, chat app, private messages, friends list, matchmaking system and notification system.

This project is about writing your an HTTP server, that mimic the behavior of NGINX.

This project is an introduction to docker and the concept of containerization, the project job is the set up three containers, one for the Databases containing the MariaDB database that is linked with docker volume, and another container that contains WordPress installed and linked with another volume, those two previous containers are connected via port 3306, and the wordpress container connected to nginx web server that is connected via port 9000 using SSL certificates (TLS v1.2). the nginx container point in the same volume as the one of wordpress.

This project is about creating a simple shell, that mimic the bash behavior.

The Push swap project is a very simple and a highly straightforward algorithm project:data must be sorted. You have at your disposal a set of integer values, 2 stacks, and a set of instructions to manipulate both stacks

FDF is a 42 Project to learn about 3d programming. The program takes a map as parameter and creates its 3d representation. Render a 3D map from a 2D representation. Initially I was using vectors and simple formulas as illustrated by formula.c file. Later I switched to matrixes. You can rotate, increase altitude coefficient and zoom in/out. All transformations are done through matrixes transformations except for the one translating the picture.

Outside Interests

In my free time I enjoy learning about low level stuff and how computers work, And also about mathematics, I practice competitive programming regularly.

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